An interface for the ROCK: iROCK

iROCK is an interface to work with files in the Reproducible Open Coding Kit (ROCK) format.

The original iROCK application, built by Bjorn Padding of Damn Good, is also still accessible. You can visit it at It runs completely in your browser, without communicating with a server.

The new iROCK is a desktop application. It is hosted by SourceForge at

🎁 Download iROCK v24.1.0

🏗️ Getting better every day

iROCK is under active development. We already publish it here in case people want to use the present version, but we’re still adding a lot of functionality. For example, at present coding is possible, but producing the qualitative data table isn’t yet; or doing other analyses. So keep an eye on this page for updates!

🍞 Very Fresh Software

Because iROCK is very new (released late january 2024), it will likely not yet be included in lists of “known software” that are used by operating systems and virus scanners.

Your operating system or virus scanner may therefore present a warning when you want to install iROCK. If you get such a warning, you can ignore it and safely install iROCK. We promise it’s not a virus! 🦠